Campagnolo H11 カーボン 11S クランクセット - FC18-HP


※ : xxx はクランクの長さ、同梱チェンリングによって異なる

093 : 170mm + 53x39、293 : 172.5mm + 53x39、593 : 175mm + 53x39

062 : 170mm + 52x36、262 : 172.5mm + 52x36、562 : 175mm + 52x36

040 : 170mm + 50x34、240 : 172.5mm + 50x34、540 : 175mm + 50x34

FC-RE112 USB Bearings and Seal (2 pcs) same as RECORD 11S
10-FC-RE009 Corrugated Thrust Washer (10 pcs) same as SUPER RECORD 11S
OC-RE002 Seal for Caps (2 pcs) same as SUPER RECORD 11S
10-OC-RE001 Safety Spring (10 pcs) same as SUPER RECORD 11S
FC-H11034 Z34 Inner Chainring 34T and Bolts Inner Chainring 34T P.C.D. = 112mm
FC-H11036 Z36 Inner Chainring 36T and Bolts Inner Chainring 36T P.C.D. = 112mm
FC-H11039 Z39 Inner Chainring 39T and Bolts Inner Chainring 39T P.C.D. = 112mm
FC-H11050 Z50 for 34 Outer Chainring 50T and Bolts Outer Chainring 50T P.C.D. = 145mm
FC-H11052 Z52 for 36 Outer Chainring 52T and Bolts Outer Chainring 52T P.C.D. = 145mm
FC-H11053 Z53 for 39 Outer Chainring 53T and Bolts Outer Chainring 53T P.C.D. = 145mm
10-FC-RE008 Circlip (10 pcs) same as SUPER RECORD 11S
FC-PO007 Ultra Torque Evo Crankset Fixing Bolt same as RECORD 11S
FC-SR300 Kit Viti / Screws & Nuts same as SUPER RECORD 11S